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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name of your website. The address at which Internet visitors can visit your website is known as a domain name. On the Internet, a domain name is used to locate and identify computers. IP addresses are a set of numbers used by computers. Humans, on the other hand, have a hard time remembering long strings of numbers.  As a result, domain names were created and are now  used to identify entities on theInternet instead of IP addresses. A domain name can be any combination of characters and numbers, and it can include one or more domain name extensions, such,.net, and others.  Before you can use a domain name, you must first register it.

How Should I Choose My Domain Name?

Choosing a decent domain name is a complicated process.
Less is more in terms of domain names. Users are more likely to locate you with a shorter name because it is easier to remember and type. When there is less to read, it's also easier to stand out. It's best not to use more than two or three words in a sentence.

Simplicity is key.
You want visitors to remember and type your domain name correctly. It can be difficult to recall and spell complicated or rare words or names.

Good, but not flawless
Many people waste time attempting to come up with the perfect name when they might be spending that time creating a strong brand around a perfectly good domain name. Don't put off starting your business or project because you can't find the appropriate domain.

Keywords and phrases
Relevant words aid users in finding you in a search and quickly recognising what you do.

Is My Domain Name Available?

There are a few options for checking whether a domain you desire is available. Simply input the URL into's search box, and we'll tell you whether or not the domain is available for registration. Alternatively, use Whois Lookup to look up the domain.

What is a TLD?

“TLD” stands for “Top Level Domain,” and refers to the domain extension to the right of the dot. For example, the TLD for is “.com.” Some other examples of TLD extensions are .org, .rocks, .life, .dog, and many, many more.

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